Best Way to Place a rug In a Bedroom

Bedroom is only a place where we spend the third part of our life. It is the place of relaxation, comfort and where you will be you. A bedroom should be calm and have cool atmosphere because we don’t like too much noise when we want to sleep. For giving a vibrant, calm and warm touch to a bedroom Fashion and Interiors added new collection of machine made carpet and handmade dhurries at best price. There are many benefits using a carpet and rug like it helps to reduce noise which comes from outside. It helps to keep your bedroom warm and create a comfort zone. It is non-slip and provides safety to a place. Now find the best way to put a handmade rug in your bedroom.

Actually it depends on the size of carpet. How? Let’s see below-

Place a rug horizontally: In this method, you should have a large carpet. Move your bed from room and place your large area rug horizontally in your room. You can buy 9’ x 12’ ft or bigger than that for this method. After placing the rug, put your bed completely on it. It should enough to show besides your bed and in front of your bed.

Place a rug vertically: Buy a medium size rug for this option. Take a 8’x10’ ft or 6’x9’ ft carpet and place it vertically in your room and then put your bed on it. Carpet should show from both sides and from front side. Another option to put a medium size carpet in your living room to put only third part of your carpet below your bed and remaining carpet will show from frontend. This is a famous way to place a carpet in a bedroom because most of the people can easily buy a medium size rug. In this method you can show the ¾ part of carpet from front side.

Put a small size carpet : This method you can use if you have a small size carpet like 4’x6’ ft. Place your carpet in front to your bed. You can also place it beside your bed if you have enough space in room.

Place runner: It is also a popular way to use a runner in a bedroom. Shop a machine made runner which is available at very cheaper price and place it beside to your bed. If you want then you can use two runners at the same time. With runner, buy a circular shape rug if you want to put any coffee table in your bedroom.

Small Carpets

So, follow the above tips to shop a perfect rug for your bedroom and decorate it in a great way. Handmade carpets and handmade dhurries are used to give a popup to a home decor and create a warm atmosphere at the same time. It absorbs heat and release very slowly. So, Shop rug and carpet online and enjoy the winter with warm touch.

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